Error Handling

Error handling plays a big part of software development.

Diamond provides easy functionality to handling errors.

The functionality for handling errors exists within the websettings.d module usually find in your project's core folder.

The two function you have to handle are onHttpError and onNotFound.

They give you access to the raw vibe.d requests and responses and not the wrapper Diamond has around them called HttpClient.

That is because errors can occur before the establishment of the HttpClient or during its establishment.

Additionally onHttpError also provides access to HTTPServerErrorInfo which gives error information provided by vibe.d

override void onHttpError(Throwable thrownError, HTTPServerRequest request,
  HTTPServerResponse response, HTTPServerErrorInfo error)

override void onNotFound(HTTPServerRequest request, HTTPServerResponse response)
  import std.string : format;

  response.bodyWriter.write(format("The path '%s' wasn't found.", request.path));